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Stock Artists update me!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 2, 2014, 12:30 PM

Hey :D

First of all sorry about the late feature it will be done, I still have all your thumbs and links.

Can all stockers have a look at the right side on the main page
and see if you can see your icon there listed as a stocker please.
If you do not see yourself there can you leave your icon on this
journal so I can add you to the life long (or until you leave the group) icon feature
Melanie :blackrose:

Affiliates Deviant Nightmares Anthology Fundraiser

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 19, 2014, 10:42 AM

Deviant Nightmares Anthology Fundraiser :icondeviant-nightmares:

   Journals / Personal


The Deviant Nightmares Anthology 2014 will be published between October and December of 2014.

To give us the ability to make it as awesome as possible with a limited Collector's Edition Hardcover with full color illustrations, some ads, and other publicity and the coolest prizes ever, we're doing a campaign to raise some money.

The money goes first to an editor, second to the printing and other costs associated with the limited hardcover, and then to ads. The coolest part of this year's anthology is that, if we make our goal, we will be able to pay the authors and artists, some of whom will be publishing or the very first time.

(Note; for those of you who don't know the details of this project or the agreements made early on, this project was no profit for us, meant to garner attention for these talented people. There was to be no money, and we take ownership of nothing allowing the artists and authors to publish elsewhere simultaneously if they desire. So the idea that we might be able to pay the authors out of this is exciting to us, but we still have to focus primarily on the main goal, which is getting attention for these artists and authors. And for that, we need advertising.)

Some of the prizes for contributors are limited rare alternate cover prints, signed posters, and even custom zombie apocalypse full sized posters with you as the hero or a zombie in an epic battle.

There really are some awesome prizes, so check it out, but you don't have to be a contributor to benefit. If you message me on here, through facebook, or email me with a link to what you are doing to help promote the fundraiser, I will send you a promotional code for 50% off when the book goes live. AND you will be entered in a drawing to win one of the limited hardcover prints, right now only available to high contributors, the authors and artists themselves and some public events.

Check it out, and help us bring you the best Zombie Apocalypse Anthology in existence.

And maybe even find your new favorite author before they're famous.…

*** WHERE THE MONEY GOES ---  There have been some good questions, and the intention was not to leave anything out. I just tend to forget that everyone doesn't know what's going on.

We were asked about funds distribution and it's a valid question. you want to know where the money is going and how much is going to the artists and authors. So, I will copy and paste my answer to those questions here

-- "what we're looking at is cost of an editor, which can range for an entire book from a few hundred to 1100 or 1200 and up. We're looking at a Special Collector's Edition Hardcover which will run in printing and shipping costs about 3 thousand for 100 which would be used for giveaways, each of the authors and artists get a copy. Copies go out to radio stations and TV stations for promotional giveaways and that's publicity you can't buy but it will be free. Looking at, depending on how much we get, spending a couple thousand to keep it in social media ads for a little while and press releases. Now if you look back at those numbers, we can get by on what we would like to do on this with about 5 or 6 grand.

So figure $6,000.00 out of the goal which is $25,000.00 take away another 500.00 for some contributor prize costs, and another 1300 that indiegogo will take out of the final price as a fee, and we're looking at $17,200.00

Now, we're looking at maybe about 8 artists, and between ten and twelve authors.

So, let’s say we get the full amount and do the aforementioned advertising, printing, editing, etc.

Split 20 ways, 17,200.00 is about 860 bucks a piece. Not bad considering that a lot of magazines might pay around 50 dollars to a few hundred last I knew, except maybe the really big names, which usually only deal with big name authors. Anthologies rarely pay much if anything. That's a decent computer and a tablet for your artwork or a couple month’s rent. If we only end up using ten authors, which we might considering that a few of the stories are pretty long, that would be an 18 way split for around $950.00 Which, again, I think would be pretty nice.

Granted, that's if the fund raiser is successful, but I’d say the authors and artists will be happy with that. At least they ought to be, considering they went into this agreeing to get nothing.  

Please ask any questions that you might have below and they will be answered. We want 100% transparency on this project and our goal from the beginning on this has been to benefit the authors and artists only.

Deviant Nightmares 2014 Keyhole Cover Concept- by joseph-sweet
Deviant Nightmares 2014 Keyhole Cover Concept- by joseph-sweet The zombie in this is the work of dloliver here on DA.

skin css Melanie-J-Howle and endlesssly | moderated by Melanie-J-Howle | Art by demitrybelmont

All Gallerys and Sub Gallerys Pls read..

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 8, 2014, 7:57 AM

Please save this journal link for future reference before submitting your work as 70% are sent to the wrong  folder, Thanks.

:bulletgreen:Stock Gallery's

Sub folders
:bulletgreen: Main stock gallery.
:bulletgreen: Animal Stock
:bulletgreen: Nude Stock Gallery.
:bulletgreen: Blood n Gore Gallery .
:bulletgreen: Photoshop Brushes.
:bulletgreen: PNG and 3D Stock Gallery.
:bulletgreen: Cloths Stock.
:bulletgreen: Places Stock.
:bulletgreen: Premade Background Stock.
:bulletgreen: Bits n Bobs Stock.
:bulletgreen: Textures and Tutorials.

:bulletpurple:Dark Fantasy Written Gallery's

Sub folders
:bulletpurple: Dark Fantasy  Poetry
:bulletpurple: Dark Fantasy Stories and Chapters
:bulletpurple: Dark Fantasy Lyrics
:bulletpurple: Dark Fantasy Prose
:bulletpurple: Dark Fantasy Visual Poetry

:bulletred: Vampire art Gallery's

Sub folders
:bulletred: Vampire Manipulations
:bulletred: Vampire Digital
:bulletred: Vampire Traditional
:bulletred: Vampire Photos

:bulletblue: Gothic Art Gallery's

Sub folders
:bulletblue: Gothic Manipulations
:bulletblue: Gothic Digital
:bulletblue: Gothic Photos
:bulletblue: Gothic Traditional

:bulletgreen: Zombie Art Gallery's

Sub folders
:bulletgreen: Zombie Manipulations
:bulletgreen: Zombie Photos
:bulletgreen: Zombie Digital
:bulletgreen: Zombie Traditional

:bulletblue:  Sculptures and Crafts

Sub folders
:bulletblue: Sculptures and Crafts
:bulletblue: Jewelry

:bulletpurple: Digital Covers Gallery's

Sub folders
:bulletpurple: Covers
:bulletpurple: Wallpapers

:bulletblue: Fan Art

Sub folder
:bulletblue: Fan Fiction

:bulletwhite: Single Gallery's.

:bulletwhite: Featured Closed.
:bulletwhite: Darkest Manipulations .. For the Horror stuff.
:bulletwhite: Darkest Photos
:bulletwhite: Traditional
:bulletwhite: Animation & Film
:bulletwhite: 3D
:bulletwhite: Sick n Twisted
:bulletwhite: Gas Mask Art
:bulletwhite: Winners Gallery ..Closed, For contest winners Only.
:bulletwhite: Holiday art
:bulletwhite: Founders Art .. Closed For My Art Only.
:bulletwhite: Digital Paint
:bulletwhite: Satanic and demonic
:bulletwhite: Stamps, Logos and Designs
:bulletwhite: Selective Fetish
:bulletwhite:  Ritual Piercing and Suspension
:bulletwhite: Dark abstract and Surreal
:bulletwhite: Zodiac gallery
Apart from single Gallery's Marked with the White Dots all other Gallery's have sub folders inside so I listed them all out for you.

Art by jessekalosza
skin by endlesssly | moderated by Melanie-J-Howle
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Thank you for accepting Sacrificial Lamb!
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